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Five Tips to Get a Cheap Car Rental Deal

Are you looking for cheap car hire for business or for travel in America or in Canada? There are a lot of car rental companies out there that offer great discounts, deals and promotions. Some of those promotions are really valuable and can help you save. You can find great car rental deals if you follow some important and useful tips listed below.

Use a mobile app

More and more companies develop mobile apps that can help you find a car rental fast and easy. These apps are really helpful when it comes to searching and comparing. You can use an app that each car rental company developed, but the disadvantage is that you will not be able to compare pricing of different car rental providers. We would recommend using those apps that can search across multiple sites at the same time and find the cheapest car rental for you. The app that we developed ourselves is: Car Rentals Market app for Android.

It is a free app for your android smartphone which is very easy to use and has beautiful design and interface. It searches across all major car rental brands site like Avis, Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo, Dollar, Sixt, Thrifty, National. The advantage is that you can search all of offers, deals and promotions that these companies offer in one place and this will save you a great deal of time and help you find the best options.

Rent for a Week

If you will be renting a car for four or five days, find weekly price deals instead of paying the daily rate. Weekly car rental deals have cheaper daily bargains than renting on a per day basis. The last two days in a weekly rent are usually discounted or reduced from a regular price. You will be able to save money as you reserve for a longer period of days. Watch out for this kind of deal when you’re out looking for a cheap car hire for your trips and travels.

Reserve in advance

If you rent a car at the earliest time possible, like a month before the scheduled date, you have a good chance of booking a cheap car rental. Early reservations usually get the best prices, because car rental companies mostly favor early bookings. In this way, you can save both money and stress or anxiety. This gives you security not to worry about finding car deals anymore when you’re near the time of need and necessity. Reserving in advance will almost always guarantee the best possible rates.

Rent on Weekends when possible

If you’re going to be on a trip, it’s more likely to find cheap car rentals during the weekend than during weekdays. A lot of businesses rent cars during business hours, which means during weekdays. Weekdays are busy days, so the demand for car rentals is high which means costly prices awaits. Therefore, you can save your budget when you reserve and get a car rental deal for the weekends. During the weekend - there are a lot of options to choose from because cars are just sitting around and waiting. You can also negotiate a free upgrade of 1 class higher or even more. And don't forget about using car rental coupons, which will help you save as well. Just make sure you read the restrictions. Most rental companies require you to pick up the car on Friday and drop it off on Monday.

Rent to Get a Car Company’s Loyalty

If you frequently or regularly rent cars, then it’s better for you to transact with a certain company than jump from one company to another. Most car rental companies offer loyalty discounts for consecutive rentals. This way, you can get discounted deals every time you make another car rental business deal with a particular car rental company. Most of these companies value customer’s loyalty and in return, give away cheap deals, discount coupons, and even miles for you to use in your next car rental transaction.

These are just some of the ways that you can do to save money and stretch that budget for a cheap car hire. Finding the cheapest car rental is not that hard, but you just have to know some important tips and clues to get one. Remember these simple but very valuable tips will help you find a great car on your next business trip or holiday travel.

Common questions customers ask us about car rentals:

  • Do you need a credit card to book your car rental with us?

    No credit card is required to make a booking with us. All you need to do is - specify the pick up location and time when you need the car.

  • Can I buy car insurance when reserving a car through your site?

    We recommend buying Collision Damange Insurance when booking your car as it is cheaper than buying at the counter. If you decide to buy Collision Damage Insurance - you will need to use your credit card and pay for it right away.

  • Is it better to buy Collision Damange Insurance when booking a car or at the counter?

    It is actually up to you. We recommend buying it when reserving your car, because it is cheaper than at the counter. $11 on our site vs over $25 per day at most car rental counters.

  • Would renting a car be cheaper than a taxi?

    In most cases - yes. Renting a car will be more efficient. In some cases taking a taxi will be cheaper if you go small distance and don't plan to travel around a lot.

  • Which car rental companies can you find across the United States and Canada?

    Everyone knows that United States is famous for its roads. You can travel anywhere by car. You can rent a car from these major rental companies: Avis, Alamo, Budget, Hertz, National. Most of them have office in almost all airports and several locations around the city. Usually you can find one or two companies within 10-20 min drive.

  • Which car rental companies have the best coverage?

    Avis, Budget, Hertz, National.

It is actually up to you. We recommend buying it when reserving your car, because it is cheaper than at the counter. $11 on our site vs over $25 per day at most car rental counters.

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